Dynatek Model

Dynatek Model
School or Factory Use

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

School Bell Controller Rev 01

Cable 1.5mm

Wires and cables - Pure Copper are rated by the circuit voltage, temperature rating, and environmental conditions (moisture, sunlight, oil, chemicals) in which they can be used. A wire or cable has a voltage (to neutral) rating, and a maximum conductor surface temperature rating. The amount of current a cable or wire can safely carry depends on the installation conditions.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Favorite Factory USe

Model SBC2010 - If you want to be more based on systematic monitoring system you have to come to the right channel..Timing accuracy: 0.5s/day with auto error adjust function.
SyncBellController we serve to assist you needs.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New 3rd Model - SBC2010 School Auto timer

It can be realized 20 - 80 times ringing bells within one day and widely be applied on all other enterprises.
a) Working Voltage: AC240V
b) Load Capacity: Resistance 25A Up to 8 Gong Bell
c) Consumed temperature <4W
d) Timing accuracy: 2s/day without system automatic error adjust function.
e) Provides 80 times slot per day - Time with day selection.
f) Directly control by single phase. The power of controlled electric should be supplied by single phase and the power consumption is no more than the rated capacity - resistance load 25A.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

UPS Stand by 12volts battery @ Solar Cell Power

This unit is designed for back-up 12volts Power Supply and in the absence of AC mains the unit automatically change over to the battery power. The school/factory time period will resume as normal and RING the bell accordingly. Once the AC main available, then the backup battery will start charging and put in stand by mode.


Dynatek Features:

* Dynatek controller is a sophisticated programmable unit which ring an electrical Bell / Siren automatically as per the programmed schedule. It has built in Real Time Clock with LCD Display.

* Dynatek controller is designed to program 7 schedules. Each schedule consists of 50 bells. Hence user can set 50 different bells for each day.

* User can assign any schedule on any day. Same schedule can also be assigned for more than one day.

* Dynatek controller can be configured as a Master or a Slave in case it is used in the Synchornized digital clock system.

* Dynatek controller has a provision of holiday setting.* For sudden changes in schedule, the Auto / Manual mode is provide. This function enable the bell to be rung manually according to the change without the previous setting.* Bell length from 1 sec. to 60 sec. can be set, keeping in mind the necessity for long / short bell. Dynatek controller is provided with this unique feature of setting the length of every single bell.* Dynatek controller has the provision for a double bell in case the schedule requires two consecutive bells to be rung. In case of failure of main, power bell will not ring but built in clock operates on battery back up hence programmed schedule will not be disturbed




Sync Bell Controller Model

3rd Model Introduce

3rd Model Introduce

Control Technics (Shridhar) - Quality Of Products

Control Technics (Shridhar) - Quality Of Products

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